Notice #372378

Certain letters to Switzerland wrongly declared as undeliverable


We believe that by now we have found all affected letters and we do not see any occurrence of this issue in more recent letters.

We are still awaiting final information from the Swiss National Post due to how and why this happened before we will close this case.

We are continuously identifying further letters and are contacting customers directly.

The Swiss National Post has confirmed an issue on their end and are investigating which letters are affected. We will be contacting each customer who was affected by this, and will be updating all letter statuses accordingly.

We are still waiting for Feedback of the Swiss National Post with further information. Please stand, we will update you as soon as possible.

We have received reports from several customers that letters have been marked as undeliverable, despite them still being in transit or even being successfully delivered.

This only affects Registered & Premium letters going to Switzerland.

It seems that the Swiss National Post has been delivering us wrong information starting yesterday. For now we have suspended all tracking information for Swiss barcode letters and have started an investigation with the Swiss National Post.

We will update this notice as soon as further information is available.

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